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I had been doing - Past perfect continuous

Here is how we form the past perfect continuous tense:                        
had been + present participle                        
For example:                        
I had been working at the Pentagon for two years when the trouble started.                        

Contraction (short form)  
I had been I’d been
You had been You’d been
She had been She’d been
He had been He’d been
They had been They’d been
We had been We’d been
It had been It’d been


For example:    
I had been trying to resolve the problem ever since it started two years ago.    

The past perfect continuous is similar to the past perfect, except that it expresses longer actions in the past before another action in the past.    
For example:    
She had been waiting for nearly an hour when the taxi finally arrived.    
He had been working at the bank for a year before he left for London.    



Structure of past perfect continuous
positive question negative
I had (I'd) been waiting. Had I been waiting? I hadn't (had not) been waiting.
Opis: http://match.adsrvr.org/track/cmf/generic?ttd_pid=switchconcepts,Opis: http://match.adsrvr.org/track/cmf/generic?ttd_pid=switchconcepts
You had (you'd) been working.
Had you been working? You hadn't been waiting
He/she/it had been reading. Had he/she/it been waiting? He/she/it hadn't been waiting.
We had (we'd) been waiting. Had we been reading? We hadn't been reading.
They had (they'd) been playing. Had they been playing? They hadn't been playing.


Past perfect continuous - common mistakes
Common mistakes Correct version Why?
I had working hard, so I felt very tired. I had been working hard, so I felt very tired. The form of the past perfect continuous is had + been + verb-ing.
I had been worked hard, so I felt very tired.
I had been hearing the song many times before. I had heard the song many times before. Some verbs are not normally used in the continuous form, verbs such as ask now, like, understand, believe,hear, etc.


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