Everyone is back from vacation.  Now it’s time get organized, prepared and shift into high gear!  Maybe we’re looking for a better job, doing better in school or getting ready for another vacation.  It is important to be prepared for these opportunities and when that door appears we’ll be ready with English.  We are going through globalization, outsourcing and having to read everything on the internet in English.  We have taken these obstacles into consideration and with the lessons provided here, using English will be easier and more effective.  Enjoy the spring and get ready for summer to come quickly!!!

We are pleased to announce that we are ready for the official release.  It’s a giant leap forward to be able to interactively learn a language with listening, reading and writing all done on a website.  We’ve had a fantastic year of gathering suggestions and opinions to satisfy the needs of users wanting to learn English effectively in their free time.  We have taken advantage of the most important elements and provided them on the website;  firstly, an English Native Speaker to create recordings, lessons and tests.  Secondly, Polish Native Speakers that are English teachers to translate the lessons into Polish.  All material was reviewed by both English Native Speakers and Polish educators specializing in English.  The team is dedicated to continuously make the site better and more beneficial for its users.  We hope that it provides encouragement, knowledge and power to use English every day.  A very talented team of dedicated professionals have made this possible and we look forward to continuing our great relationships with sponsors, developers, and our fans!